Node-Red with ControlLogix

Introduction to Node-Red with ControlLogix In this section, I’ll discuss setting up Node-Red with ControlLogix. Basically, we just […]

Logic Gates

Common Logic Gates

Introduction to Common Logic Gates We use common logic gates to display the flow of a process. These […]


74CH93 Binary Counter

Introduction to the 74CH93 Binary Counter The 74CH93 Binary Counter has several uses. In the first place, you […]

Control Circuit

Optocouplers and Optoisolators

Introduction to Optocouplers and Optoisolators Basically, we use optocouplers and optoisolators to minimize interference in our control circuit. […]

Shift Register

74HC595 Shift Register

Introduction to the 74HC595 Shift Register The 74HC595 Shift Register allows you to control field devices based on […]

Arduino Bar Graph

Arduino Bar Graph Example

Introduction to the Arduino Bar Graph Example You will usually find the Arduino Bar Graph Example on a […]

Decade Counter

4017 Decade Counter

Introduction to the 4017 Decade Counter We use the 4017 Decade Counter to count transitions. More specifically, we […]