ControlLogix Trapping

ControlLogix Trapping

Introduction to ControlLogix Trapping ControlLogix trapping is important for locating fast moving bits, or infrequent bits. An example […]

Custom Data Monitor

SLC-500 Custom Data Monitor

Introduction to the SLC-500 Custom Data Monitor The SLC-500 Custom Data Monitor allows you to monitor data from […]


SLC-500 Basic Instructions

Introduction to SLC-500 Basic Instructions When you are new to programming, there are 3 SLC-500 Basic Instructions that […]

FIFO Overview


Introduction to the SLC-500 FIFO The SLC-500 FIFO (First In – First Out) can be used to store […]



Introduction to SLC-500 DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) There are many reasons to link data from a processor to […]

Counter Logic

Counters in the SLC-500

Introduction to Counters in the SLC-500 processor Counters in the SLC-500 work in a similar way to some […]

RTO Timer

Timers in the SLC-500

Introduction to timers in the SLC-500 Processor. Timers in the SLC-500 processor are very similar to timers in […]

Fault Log

Trapping in the SLC-500

Introduction to Trapping in the SLC-500 In this document, I will guide you through my method of trapping […]


SLC-500 Histogram

Introduction to the SLC-500 Histogram We use the SLC-500 Histogram to track infrequent bits (such as Intermittent problems) […]