Three Way Featured

ControlLogix Three-Way Switching

Introduction to ControlLogix Three-Way Switching Standard three-way switches are wired to control a light from two different locations. […]

Block Transfer Instructions

PLC-5 Block Transfers

Introduction to PLC-5 Block Transfers One of the most difficult concepts for most people to grasp is the […]

Sump Level Logic

Sump Level Logic

Introduction to Sump Level Logic When writing sump level logic, keep in mind, we need to know what […]

Serial Server

Serial over Ethernet

Introduction to Serial over Ethernet There are many applications in which you need a Serial over Ethernet solution. […]

KE Module in chassis

1785-KE Module

Introduction to the 1785-KE Module The 1785-KE module allows you to easily interface with a Data Highway Plus […]


GSV with a UDT

Introduction to GSV with a UDT Today we’ll discuss how to structure a tag to hold the system […]

Status Lights

PLC-5 Remote I/O Adapter

Introduction to the PLC-5 Remote I/O Adapter The PLC-5 Remote I/O Adapter allows you to communicate from most […]

PLC-5 Enhanced Processor

PLC-5 Enhanced Processor

Introduction to the PLC-5 Enhanced Processor The PLC-5 Enhanced processor controls automation equipment. Program and troubleshoot the processor […]


PLC-5 Power Supply

Introduction to the PLC-5 Power Supply The PLC-5 Power supply provides power to the PLC-5 chassis. There are […]