Studio 5000 (RSLogix) Training

Introduction to Studio 5000 (RSLogix) Training

When looking for Studio 5000 (RSLogix) Training options, it’s important to find a company that will customize the course. You need a company who will adjust the course according to your training needs. At the same time, the instructor should have knowledge of the subject, and the ability to teach.

Customized Studio 5000 (RSLogix) Training

Before the course begins, the instructor should contact you to discuss your training needs. Generally, the instructor should be able to show the students how every part of the course applies directly to what they need to know. Of course, the best way to do this is to use your own site projects as examples throughout the course.


Besides having prepared for the course by reviewing the customer’s training needs, the instructor should should be ready to start the class on time. When the students arrive, the classroom should be already set up, and the students should be ready to learn.

During the Course

During the course, the instructor should keep the students involved in the learning material, and always busy learning and practicing. A good instructor will teach the students to be able to solve problems by using their own reasoning. This includes both details on how instructions operate, and overall system troubleshooting. The students should never be bored or feel removed from the course material.

After the Training

Once the training has finished, the real test beings. After the training, students should have practical knowledge of the ControlLogix system using Studio 5000 (RSLogix). They should be able to troubleshoot the systems on the plant floor, and even make minor changes to the operation of the equipment if necessary. After the class has ended, students will develop questions as they work with the equipment on the plant floor. A good instructor will always be willing to answer those questions even long after the course has ended.

Your Training Solution

Automation Training Inc. will meet or exceed the above requirements for your training needs. ATI offers courses on-site, or via Webex. ATI has been in business over 15 years, and is willing to meet your customized training requirements for for ControlLogix, Motion Control, SLC-500, FactoryTalk View, PlantPAx, and many other courses. Give them a call at (812) 268-3031 to speak with a sales person, or schedule an appointment to speak with an instructor. You can also send an email to .

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