Working with ControlLogix Strings

Introduction to Working with ControlLogix Strings In this post, we’ll be Working with ControlLogix Strings. String manipulation is becoming an important part of programming. You can display strings directly to the operator on an HMI. You might display machine status, and even troubleshooting information by manipulating strings. In the past, Read More »

ControlLogix FIND Instruction

SLC-500 ASCII Read Line (ARL) 2

Introduction to the SLC-500 ASCII Read Line (ARL) We use the SLC-500 ASCII Read Line (ARL) to read ASCII data from the serial port. Particularly, this might be from a bar code reader, weigh scale, or RFID reader. Basically, we will just execute the ARL instruction every second, to see Read More »

SLC-500 ASCII Write (AWT) 1

Introduction to the SLC-500 ASCII Write (AWT) We use the SLC-500 ASCII Write (AWT) instruction to write data through the serial port of the processor. Since ASCII is a world wide standard, this ability greatly increases our ability to communicate with other devices. For example, many weigh scales support ASCII, Read More »

ASCII channel