Kenbak-1 Switch Number to Binary

Converting a Kenbak-1 Switch Number to Binary In this section, we’ll be converting a Kenbak-1 Switch Number to Binary. This project is a good example of the Right Shift on the Kenbak-1. Basically, when the user presses a number, we’ll display the binary bit pattern for that switch number. Mr. Read More »

Kenbak-1 Convert Switch Number to Octal

Binary Numbering System 1

Introduction to the Binary Numbering System Simply put, the Binary Numbering System is a base 2 numbering system.    The only numbers available for use to count in binary are 1, and 0.   You can think of this in many ways:  True/False, Yes/No, or High/Low.    Computers work by Read More »

Binary Conversion