Indirect Addressing

Kenbak-1 Indirect Addressing

Introduction to Kenbak-1 Indirect Addressing Kenbak-1 Indirect Addressing allows us to point to a variable memory location which contains the operand. This is useful for instructions such as LDA, and STA, etc. We don’t always want to reference the same memory location. Recall that in our last post, we create Read More »

Kenbak-1 Indirect Addressing

Logging Switch Changes in ControlLogix

Introduction to Logging Switch Changes in ControlLogix Today, we’ll be Logging Switch Changes in ControlLogix. Basically, we are creating a “black box”. This procedure works for any WORD in the ControlLogix processor. For example, we can also log alarms and faults. Later on, you can go back and see a Read More »

Fault Log

ControlLogix Level 2 Training

Introduction to ControlLogix Level 2 Training ControlLogix Level 2 Training is for those who have completed Level 1 (Maintenance and Troubleshooting). This includes troubleshooting data across PLC systems, Indirect Addressing, Function Blocks, and PID. You will also learn how to navigate Add-On instructions. ControlLogix Level 1 Review Typically, we’ll start Read More »


ControlLogix Indirect Addressing

Introduction to ControlLogix Indirect Addressing ControlLogix Indirect Addressing allows you to have a variable address.   This is an address that changes on the fly.   Imagine a tank farm with 28 tanks.   We would have the exact same logic for each tank, but a different address to access Read More »

Fault Logic