PLC-5 Latch Vs Seal

PLC-5 Latch Vs Seal There are a few differences in the PLC-5 Latch Vs Seal. In this section, I’ll explain the operating of each type, and some dangers associated with both methods. Always be very careful when making any changes to the PLC program. Undoubtedly, you will want to get Read More »

Latch vs seal

Seal and Latch Differences

Introduction to Seal and Latch Differences Today, we are going to discuss the Seal and Latch differences in ladder logic.   Basically, they do something very similar.   When one condition goes true, the output comes on.   Likewise, when a different condition changes, the output shuts off.   There are some differences, however, Read More »

Seal and Latch differences

Seal Circuits 1

Introduction to Seal Circuits Seals and latches allow you to momentary press a button to energize an output.   The output stays on until you press another button to shut the output off.    There are some dangers associated with the latches that we will also discuss.  If you are Read More »