Transistor Controlled Motor

Introduction to the Transistor Controlled Motor In this post, we’ll set up a Transistor Controlled Motor. The transistor allows us to control a larger current by applying a small amount of current to the base. If we control this motor with an arduino, we wouldn’t want our control current to Read More »

transistor controlled motor

Transistor as an Amplifier

Introduction to using a transistor as an amplifier We generally use a transistor in two different ways.    We will use a transistor as a switch, or we will use a transistor as an amplifier.    There are also two main types of transistors:  NPN, and PNP.   The NPN transistor Read More »

Transistor High Speed

Transistor Controlled Relay 1

About  the Transistor Controlled Relay The output pins of most microprocessors used on this site are limited to 40ma.  This might not be enough current to control a relay, which is capable of switching larger loads, such as a motor starter.  A relay can also be used to isolate voltage Read More »

Arduino Relay Wiring Diagram