Privacy Policy

Introduction to the Privacy Policy

Basically, as for the Privacy Policy, I do not collect any data myself (except what Google Analytics shows) however, this site does have ads from Google Adsense. Google uses cookies to collect and view data based on the past visits to the site. Additionally, third-party vendors could be using this data as well. Generally, this is to display ads that are more relevant to you. At the same time, this could be based on your visits to other websites.

It’s my understanding that Google retains data for a few years (up to 50 months). However, to be on the safe side, just assume the data retention never expires.

You can opt out of this by going to Ad Settings. Alternatively, you can visit

According to Google, incognito mode can give you even more privacy if you are using Chrome.

BryceAutomation is not a company. It’s simply a personal website where I publish articles for the purpose of helping others.

Using this Site

Basically, this site contains “Use At Your Own Risk” data. That is to say, verify the accuracy of the information on your own before attempting to use the information in any way. With industrial equipment, there is always the danger of harm to personnel, machinery, and product. My goal of this site is to lower these risks by providing accurate information to increase safety, and reduce downtime. However, where danger is present, always check with your own plant engineers before performing any procedures. You can also double-check any information on this site against official documentation.

With this in mind, you agree that you (solely) are responsible for anything you do with the documentation on this site.

Most of the time, I’m simply documenting procedures that I can refer back to on my own.

Restricted Areas

California, and other countries have more strict privacy procedures. I’ve done everything that I know of to protect privacy, and still maintain ads to support this site. You are always welcome to this site. However, if you don’t consent to the privacy laws used by most US States, do not use this site to be on the safe side. Once again, BryceAutomation is simply a personal blog.

Disclaimer (Privacy Policy)

By using this site, you agree that in no way to hold me, Google, or it’s affiliates accountable for any data transferred to or from this site. As I said before… This is on a “use at your own risk” basis. It is YOUR responsibility to take measures to protect your own privacy, and to verify information contained in this site before using it in any way.

Do not use this site (or any other website) without the understanding and consent that all data could be stored indefinitely. As far as I know, these include analytical, and targeting cookies.

For more information, just to a search on how Google Ads Track me.

Ricky Bryce