ControlLogix BTDT Instruction

Introduction to the ControlLogix BTDT Instruction The ControlLogix BTDT Instruction is a type of Bit Field Distributor. This is an acronym for “Bit Field Distributor with Target”. We use this type of instruction in Function Block Programming. If you use ladder logic programming, check out the post on the BTD […]


ControlLogix Sump Pump Controller

Introduction to ControlLogix Sump Pump Controller In this case, I’ve built a discrete ControlLogix Sump Pump Controller. In other words, there is no level sensor. Simply put, there is a float switch which controls the sump pump. If you have the ability to detect a sump level, then this post […]

pump logic

PlantPAx with Ladder Logic

Introduction to PlantPAx with Ladder Logic There might be several reasons you need to use PlantPAx with Ladder Logic. If your site does not have a license for function blocks, then you might want to use ladder logic. Additionally, some factories will simply prefer to use Ladder logic over function […]


ControlLogix FIFO Instructions

Introduction to ControlLogix FIFO Instructions The ControlLogix FIFO Instructions are a buffer that allow you to take snapshots of data. The processor stores this data into an array. When we unload the register, the first piece if information will unload first. The processor will send this data to the destination […]


ControlLogix File Search Compare

Introduction to ControlLogix File Search Compare The ControlLogix File Search Compare will search through arrays for specific conditions. Element by element, the instruction will look to see if a specific expression is true. For example, we have an array of temperatures. We want to check for any temperature that is […]


ControlLogix File Bit Compare

Introduction to ControlLogix File Bit Compare The ControlLogix File Bit Compare instruction searches for mismatched bit between the source and reference tags. There are several uses for this instruction. One use would be for alarms. We can compare the source value against a reference of 0. in this case, the […]


ControlLogix Sequencer Instructions

Introduction to ControlLogix Sequencer Instructions ControlLogix Sequencer Instructions, such as Sequencer Input (SQI) and (SQO) walk through a set of instructions, and wait for specific conditions to make. For some projects, sequencers might be the entire programming strategy. Basically, the SQO instruction will energize a set of outputs. When the […]


ControlLogix Bit Shift Instructions

Introduction to ControlLogix Bit Shift Instructions ControlLogix Bit Shift Instructions will shift bits in an array to the left or to the right. Of course this depends on which instruction you use. Obviously, Bit Shift Left (BSL) will shift the bits in an array to the right. On the other […]

Bit Shift Left

ControlLogix To Alexa

Introduction of ControlLogix To Alexa Today, we’ll discuss how to connect ControlLogix To Alexa. When a bit becomes true in the ControlLogix processor, we’ll have Alexa speak a specific phrase. Additionally, it’s possible to speak to Alexa to set a bit in the processor. However, for this post, we’ll just […]

Alexa Config

ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log

Introduction to ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log To set up the ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log, you must first install Node-Red. Node Red is a free, open source service that allows you to integrate connections from different types of automation devices. There are many documented procedures and youtube videos on this. Node Red is […]

Node Red Data Log