Altair-Duino on the Internet

Introduction to running the Altair-Duino on the Internet (Altair 8800) In this post, we’ll discuss how to run the Altair-Duino on the Internet. The Altair 8800 is a computer born in 1974. It was the first successful home PC. At this time, it gave computer enthusiasts a way to learn Read More »

Altair 8800 (AltairDuino) on Telnet

ControlLogix AND Instruction

Introduction to the ControlLogix AND Instruction From what we learned in grade school, we would think the ControlLogix AND Instruction might be confusing. In those post, we’ll discuss the ControlLogix AND Instruction, and the ControlLogix OR Instruction. For example, 7 and 3 equals 3. Likewise, 6 and 4 equals 4. Read More »

ControlLogix AND Statement

Programming the Kenbak-1 Kenbakuino

Introduction to Programming the Kenbak-1 Kenbakuino There are a couple ways that we can program the Programming the Kenbak-1. In this case, we’ll be programming the Kenbakuino. Mark Wilson put the code together for the Kenbakuino, and you can build your own. Another option is to purchase a kit. Chris Read More »


ControlLogix Permanent Daylight Saving

Introduction to ControlLogix Permanent Daylight Saving Time Congress is currently passing a recommendation that the US maintain daylight saving time. This means that at some point, you will no longer need to go back to standard time if you choose to follow this recommendation. Your processor does not automatically adjust Read More »

Daylight Saving in ControlLogix

Create a Web Page

How to Create a Web Page It’s easy to Create a Web Page. Basically, the simplest web page is just an HTML document. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. You can build your very first web page using Notepad. Really, you can use any standard text editor. For projects, you Read More »

html page

Map a Host Directory in VirtualBox

How to Map a Host Directory in VirtualBox When you run virtual machines, occasionally, you will need to Map a Host Directory in VirtualBox. I’m using Oracle’s VirtualBox software. You might be running a virtualbox to use older programs, such as PanelBuilder32. RSView32 would be another reason to run a Read More »

Map Virtualbox Folder

Add Images to FactoryTalk View

How to Add Images to FactoryTalk View To Add Images to FactoryTalk View, we simply add an image object, then browse for the image. Additionally, you can animate the images that you add. For example, let’s say you want to have a different background image for night time. We would Read More »


Hire the Best Technicians

How to Hire the Best Technicians When determining how to Hire the Best Technicians, there are many factors to consider. Knowledge is just one of those factors. I’ve been training technicians for over 20 years. Of course I’m not an expert on this subject of hiring. Therefore, these are just Read More »


Building the Kenbak-1 Computer

Introduction to Building the Kenbak-1 Computer In this section, we’ll be Building the Kenbak-1 Computer. This is not an original computer. In this case, we’ll build this computer using the Atmega328. This is the processor you will find in an Arduino Uno. The original Kenbak-1 computer did not have a Read More »


Terminals for Altair-Duino

Introduction to Terminals for Altair-Duino In this section, We’ll discuss some common Terminals for Altair-Duino. I purchased my Altair-Duino kit from PUTTY works well for Telnet, but we’ll want to change some settings. If you wish to perform file transfers, then you will need a different program that supports Read More »

DIR Listing