BASIC For Next Loop

Introduction to Altair BASIC For Next Loop In this section, we’ll discuss the Altair BASIC For Next Loop. Manipulating variables is an important part of any programming language. For this example, let’s go back to 1975. The median pay was $13,720 per year. We’ll assume that you signed a contract Read More »

Calculate Wages

ControlLogix OR vs. XOR

Introduction to ControlLogix OR vs. XOR In this section, we’ll discuss ControlLogix OR vs. XOR. Basically, with the OR statement, only one of two bits need to be true. On the other hand, with the XOR, only one of two bits can be true. XOR means “Exclusive OR” In ladder Read More »


Working with ControlLogix Strings

Introduction to Working with ControlLogix Strings In this post, we’ll be Working with ControlLogix Strings. String manipulation is becoming an important part of programming. You can display strings directly to the operator on an HMI. You might display machine status, and even troubleshooting information by manipulating strings. In the past, Read More »

ControlLogix FIND Instruction

Getting Started with Altair BASIC

Introduction to Getting Started with Altair BASIC In this post, we’ll talk about Getting Started with Altair BASIC. There are several different ways to program the Altair 8800 computer. The BASIC programming language is one of them. Usually, this is the easiest method for beginners. BASIC is short for “Beginner’s Read More »

Altair BASIC

GuardLogix Dual Channel Stop

Introduction to GuardLogix Dual Channel Stop (DCS Instruction) The GuardLogix Dual Channel Stop (DCS Instruction) monitors two Inputs. Typically, these inputs will be two different contact blocks on devices such as an E-Stop, Safety Gate, Safety Mat, or Light curtain. The purpose of having two inputs per device is for Read More »


Altair-Duino on the Internet

Introduction to running the Altair-Duino on the Internet (Altair 8800) In this post, we’ll discuss how to run the Altair-Duino on the Internet. The Altair 8800 is a computer born in 1974. It was the first successful home PC. At this time, it gave computer enthusiasts a way to learn Read More »

Altair 8800 (AltairDuino) on Telnet

ControlLogix AND Instruction

Introduction to the ControlLogix AND Instruction From what we learned in grade school, we would think the ControlLogix AND Instruction might be confusing. In those post, we’ll discuss the ControlLogix AND Instruction, and the ControlLogix OR Instruction. For example, 7 and 3 equals 3. Likewise, 6 and 4 equals 4. Read More »

ControlLogix AND Statement

Programming the Kenbak-1 Kenbakuino

Introduction to Programming the Kenbak-1 Kenbakuino There are a couple ways that we can program the Programming the Kenbak-1. In this case, we’ll be programming the Kenbakuino. Mark Wilson put the code together for the Kenbakuino, and you can build your own. Another option is to purchase a kit. Chris Read More »


ControlLogix Permanent Daylight Saving

Introduction to ControlLogix Permanent Daylight Saving Time Congress is currently passing a recommendation that the US maintain daylight saving time. This means that at some point, you will no longer need to go back to standard time if you choose to follow this recommendation. The plan is to pass a Read More »

Daylight Saving in ControlLogix

Create a Web Page

How to Create a Web Page It’s easy to Create a Web Page. Basically, the simplest web page is just an HTML document. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. You can build your very first web page using Notepad. Really, you can use any standard text editor. For projects, you Read More »

html page