Cascading Counters

Introduction to Cascading Counters By cascading counters, you can virtually have a limitless number of counts using CTU instructions. With the older 16 bit processors, the maximum count was 32767 before the counter overflowed. Using 32 bit processors, however, this maximum count for a signed DINT is 2147483647 before it Read More »

Cascading ControlLogix Counters

Counters in the SLC-500

Introduction to Counters in the SLC-500 processor Counters in the SLC-500 work in a similar way to some external hardware counters. Each time the rung goes true, the counter is activated, and the accumulator value will change by 1 count. There are two types of counters: the Up Counter (CTU) Read More »

Counter Logic

ControlLogix Counters 1

Introduction to ControlLogix Counters CoutnrolLogix counters are used to count transitions of a rung.   More specifically, to count the false to true transition of a rung.   We can use this to count pallets on a conveyor using a photo eye or proximity switch.  Also, we can use counters to Read More »

PIzza Count