Can’t Download to Faulted Controller

Introduction: “Can’t Download to Faulted Controller” If you get the error “Can’t Download to Faulted Controller”, we need to clear the fault before downloading. First of all, be sure you want to download to the processor. When you download, the existing logic is replaced by the logic in your offline Read More »

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SLC-500 Fault Routine

Introduction to the SLC-500 Fault Routine We usually use the SLC-500 Fault Routine to set certain values in the processor during a major fault condition. For example, if the processor faults, we don’t want the MMI (Man-Machine Interface) to display “Stale” Values. Without a fault routine, the processor might constantly Read More »

SLC Fault

Clearing a Processor Fault

Introduction to Clearing a Processor Fault Clearing a processor fault is very easy, however, we need to first get a description of the fault. Basically, we know we have a recoverable processor fault on a ControlLogix when the OK Light is flashing red. On the other hand, a solid red Read More »