GSV with a UDT 3

Introduction to GSV with a UDT Today we’ll discuss how to structure a tag to hold the system clock using the command GSV with a UDT (User Defined Data Type). We use the GSV (Get System Value) command to pull data from the system, and copy that data to a […]


ControlLogix GSV Command (Battery Low)

Introduction to ControlLogix GSV Command (Battery Low) In this post, we will discuss how to use the ControlLogix GSV Command to find the Battery Low bit in the system.   Older processors, such as the L6x and earlier used a battery in the default configuration.  A battery option is also available on […]

Battery Not Low

ControlLogix GSV Command (WallClockTime) 7

Intdoduction to ControlLogix GSV Command (WallClockTime) In this post, we will discuss the ControlLogix GSV Command (WallClockTime).  Earlier processors, such as the SLC-500 and PLC-5 had a data file dedicated to system status (S2).   In the S2 file, you could find the data table addresses of system information such as the […]

Set Date Time