Creating a New Motion Project

Introduction to Creating a New Motion Project In this post, we will talk about creating a new motion project in Studio 5000.   We will use an emulator processor to build virtual axis in the next series of posts.  With Studio 5000, we will build this project based on the Allen Read More »


Creating a Virtual Axis 2

Introduction to Creating a Virtual Axis In this document, we will be creating a virtual axis.  The purpose of creating a virtual axis is this document will be to understand the motion direct commands, and the motion commands in logic.   In a real application, we might create a virtual axis Read More »


ControlLogix Motion Control 3

Introduction to ControlLogix Motion Control In a ControlLogix Motion Control system, you will usually have a module in the chassis that communicates with motion drives.  The drives are connected to servo motors.    The purpose of a motion system is to provide precise movement. The drive is always commanding a Read More »

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