PLC-5 Enhanced Processor

Introduction to the PLC-5 Enhanced Processor The PLC-5 Enhanced processor controls automation equipment. Program and troubleshoot the processor using RSLogix 5 software. You can also use older software which is DOS based, such as 6200, AI, or Taylor software. Basically, the processor reads data from inputs such as switches. This Read More »

PLC-5 Enhanced Processor

SLC 500 Processor

Introduction to the SLC 500 Processor The SLC 500 Processor is the main component of your SLC 500 system.   The processor contains data files (which store data) and program files (which manipulate data).   There are five modular processors in the SLC 500 Family (5/01 to 5/05).  In this post, we Read More »


ControlLogix Processor

Introduction to the ControlLogix Processor The processor is the controller of an automation system.   This is where the program is stored that automates industrial systems.   Although ControlLogix processsor can be placed in any slot of the chassis, it is traditionally placed in Slot 0.   The processor is programmed using Read More »

ControlLogix Processor Status