Remote I/O

ControlLogix 1756-DHRIO Module 1

Introduction to the ControlLogix 1756-DHRIO Module The ControlLogix 1756-DHRIO module allows you to interface with the older Data Highway Plus (DH+) Network. You can also connect to a maximum of four Remote I/O Racks per channel. Each 1756-DHRIO module has 2 ports. Each of which will support DH+ or Remote Read More »

dhrio module

ControlLogix Ethernet I/O

Introduction to ControlLogix Ethernet I/O Controllogix Ethernet I/O is inputs and outputs in another chassis (besides the local chassis) that we are reading and writing to.  Remote I/O is very important for large systems.   We will normally use Remote I/O if the system has more I/O than what will fit in Read More »

Remote I/O Steps