FactoryTalk View ME Overview

Introduction to FactoryTalk View ME

FactoryTalk View ME (Machine Edition) is MMI (Man-Machine Interface) software.   Others might refer to this as HMI (Human-Machine Interface) software.    The purpose of FactoryTalk view is to allow the operator to view or input data from the processor that is controlling your equipment.

Anything added to the display screen of FactoryTalk View ME is referred to as an “Object”.    The software has many objects that are pre-defined, such as push buttons, indicators, and numeric inputs and displays.

Advantage of FactoryTalk View

Think back to the days of when equipment had many panels of gauges, lights, and buttons.   The cost of the physical devices, and the labor of wiring those devices can be very high.  There was also a maintenance cost when when the devices would fail, and would need to be physically replaced.

When using FactoryTalk View, You can place most all of these devices on a computer display screen.  If you need more room for the objects, simply create a new display screen.  Then add buttons to allow the operator to navigate to the different displays.

FactoryTalk Overiew

Other Features

FactoryTalk View also supports other features, such as alarms, information messages, security, and Macros.    You can use the alarm feature to display critical events to an operator if a value.  This might be a temperature that is outside of the normal operating range.   Information messages are usually used to inform the operator of non-critical events.  You can use this when equipment enters a different operating routine, or display other common information for the operator.

Because systems are becoming more and more dependent on computers, security has become very important.  The security feature in this software allows you to create users, and give them passwords.   You can then assign the users permission to access various display screens in FactoryTalk View.  In addition, you can also create macros to manipulate several tags at once for common complex tasks.

What’s Next?

Over the next few months, I will continue posting common procedures on how to develop a FactoryTalk View ME project, and explore some of the main features that are used in a FactoryTalk Application.  I hope that you can use this documentation as an example to help you understand how you can develop or improve existing displays in your own plant applications.

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— Ricky Bryce


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