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Introduction to FactoryTalk View Numeric Display

In this document, we will discuss how to add and configure the FactoryTalk View Numeric Display.  The purpose of the Numeric Display object is to display decimal numbers that are stored in the processor’s memory.    This could be the speed of a drive, temperatures, or pressures.

We discussed the push button object in another section, which points to a tag with a BOOL data type.   The numeric display however, will point to a tag that has a numeric datatype such as DINT or INT.

In this example, we have a tag called “MotorSpeed” in our Controller tag database.   This tag currently has the value of 3600.   We will display this value for the operator to read.

Adding the Numeric Display Object

First, lets select the numeric display by clicking Objects | Numeric and String | Numeric Display.

Select Numeric Display

Then we will draw the Numeric Display object onto our display screen.  You will notice that after you draw the object on the screen, the properties window appears.

Numeric Properties

Be sure that the number of digits that you are displaying is large enough to hold the maximum number of digits you would expect in the tag.   For example:   If we expect the maximum value to be 10000, our number of digits will need to be 5.

Next, we will go to the connection tab.  Here we will select the Ellipsis (…) to choose the tag we wish to display.

Numeric Connections


You may want to refresh all of the folders to ensure that all the tags are being displayed for possible selection.

Refresh Folders

Here, we will select the “MotorSpeed” tag in the “Online” Folder.

Select MotorSpeed

Hit OK, then Apply, and OK on the next screen.    On the FactoryTalk display, you can right click the screen to drop your object.   This will ensure that you don’t continuously draw Numeric Displays every time you click on the screen!

Let’s add a text label above the Numeric Display.   This will tell the operator the purpose of the number he’s looking at.

MotorSpeed Final

Test your work

Finally, let’s test the display screen to ensure we are viewing the numeric data in the processor.

Test Display


We can see that the display is working, and showing the correct numeric value!

MotorSpeed working

Next topic:  Numeric Input Cursor Enable


— Ricky Bryce


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