Assigning an IP Address to the 1794-AENT

Introduction to Assigning an IP Address to the 1794-AENT

In this section, we will be Assigning an IP Address to the 1794-AENT using the BootP Utility. If the IP address is already set, and we don’t know it’s IP address, we will reset it back to factory defaults, then re-assign a known IP address.

Get the MAC ID

Before we begin, be sure to write down the MAC ID. We also refer to this as the “Ethernet Address” or “Hardware Address”. You will need this to reset the module, and to re-assign the IP address.

You will find this address just below the bar code. This is a 6-byte code embedded by the device manufacturer.

In this case, the Ethernet Address is 00:00:BC:06:0C:2E.

Run the BootP Utility (Server or Tool)

We will use the BootP Server to reset the module, and to re-assign the IP address. In essence, once we reset the module, the module will request an IP address. The BootP Server then assigns an IP address to a particular MAC ID. Let’s reset the module first.

The first time you run the BootP Server, it might ask for some network parameters. The main field is the Subnet Mask. This is usually If you are unsure of your network settings, ask your network administrator.

Once we have the BootP tool open, add “New Relation”. Be sure to enter the MAC ID, and the IP address that you want to assign to this module.

Emphatically, BE SURE that you entered the correct MAC ID. Assigning the IP address to the wrong device could have disastrous results!

Press OK.

If your module is already at defaults, the IP address should be assigned now. Skip the next paragraph of this document.

If you are re-assigning an IP address to an existing module, we’ll reset the module back to factory defaults. Right click the MAC ID you just entered into the relation list. Reset the module’s network settings back to factory defaults.

Now that the module is reset, and has requested an IP address, it should be assigned now.

From the command prompt, you might want to ping the module to verify communication on the network.

Disable BootP after Assigning an IP Address to the 1794-AENT

At this point, you are ready to disable BootP in the module. In short, if you do not do this, the module will loose it’s IP address on the next power cycle.

Right click the MAC ID in the relation list, and “Disable BootP/DHCP”.

Of course, be sure the command was successful. If not, just try it again.

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— Ricky Bryce

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