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Thank you for visiting!   The world of automation can be challenging, exciting, and fun!   I’ve put together this site to share my experiences with some of the projects that I have built.  Let’s explore new worlds, and to enjoy the fellowship of those who do the same. The main purpose of this site is to explore ideas on connectivity between devices, and to the world wide web!   You will find “modularized” documentation on specific ideas that I would like to share, as well as common procedures for simple tasks. I will be posting documentation on my projects as I build them.    By using the Atmega 328 microprocessor, a very inexpensive wifi module (the ESP8266), and a web server, we can connect devices and share data around the world. I became interested in micro controllers as an alternative to industrial automation controllers (PLCs).   Industrial controllers can cost as much as $2000 to $3000 for the controller alone.   You can purchase the Atmega 328 as cheap as $1, or a complete Arduino-compatible board for $5.  Of course the I/O on a micro controller itself is limited.  You can expand this through the use of an I/O expander chip such as the MCP23017, or bit shift registers such as the 74HC595.

Breadboard automation

Arduino Breadboard

On this site, I hope to post my experiences with using the micro controllers in a simulated industrial environment for the purpose of experimentation.  This is not a replacement for PLCs  All documentation and videos are on a “use at your own risk” basis.   Please be sure to take all necessary precautions for safety.   Be sure you are familiar with safe electrical practices before attempting any projects that are contained on this site. Enjoy the site.   I will look forward to hearing your question and comments.  It’s always interesting to share projects and ideas.   This makes life easier, and more fun for everyone. If you are interested in learning more about PLCs for Industrial Automation, please visit my employer’s site at http://atifortraining.com, and we will be happy to have someone contact you!

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