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ESPEasy with DHT22 and Domoticz 1

Domoticz Sensor — Post Introduction I’ve been experimenting with a Domoticz Sensor, and am documenting the project.   I’ve used the Domoticz Server, a DHT22 Temperature and Humidity module, and the ESP8266-12F processor. In this document, we will assume that you have the ESP8266 flashed with the EasyESP firmware, and Read More »

DHT22 with ESP8266

Controlling a relay from your web browser — ESP8266-12

ESP8266-12 — Controlling a relay In this post, we will set up an ESP8266-12 to control a relay, which will control the fan on a thermostat.  Please do not attempt this unless you are familiar with all safety issues.  Use this document at your own risk! First , we will Read More »