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Introduction to FactoryTalk Audit Trail Error

In summary, I received a FactoryTalk Audit Trail Error when creating a runtime. I’m using FactoryTalk Vew ME Version 11. I’m creating the runtime for an older Panelview or FactoryTalk View ME Station. Specifically, the error was:

See Rockwell Automation Knowledgebase Answer ID 1041447.
ERROR: Unsupported feature=Audit Trail; Component type=Startup

Since I don’t have access to the Knowledgebase, I did some searches in Google. In this post, I’ll walk you through how I resolved this error.

Be sure “Audit Trail” is not checked in Startup.

Obviously, before checking anything else, check your Startup configuration. There should not be a check on “Audit Trail” if you are creating an earlier runtime revision. Try creating your runtime again.

In this case, that worked for me ONE time. However, when I tried to create the runtime, I received the error again. In spite of unchecking “Audit Trail”, I still received the error.

Set Compatibility for VStuidio

After this procedure, I have not received the error again. I set the compatibility for VStudio to Windows 7. I’m not sure who originally figured this out, but thank you! *** Before you try this, close out of FactoryTalk View ME. ***

In this case, open C: |Program Files (x86) | Rockwell Software | RSView Enterprise. Right click VStudio, then go to “Properties”.

Resolve FactoryTalk Audit Trail Error

Finally, set the compatibility mode to Windows 7.

Verify your Panelview Revision

Before attempting to create a new runtime, be sure you are creating the runtime in the correct revision.

Go to Terminal Settings

Next, go to “System Information”.

Finally, go to “About ME Station”, to verify your Panelview Revision.

Create the Runtime

Afterwards, you are ready to create the runtime. Re-open FactoryTalk View, then go to Application | Create runtime Application.

Verify that you are creating the runtime in the proper revision.

You may get a warning to verify that you have installed a patch for older versions of ME Station. Meanwhile, you should now have a valid runtime application.

This procedure worked for me. I’m simply sharing my experience. I hope that it might work for you. Consult your IT department or Rockwell to check for any unintended consequences this change might have.

Please leave a comment if you have found a better solution, or have solved this error in a different way.

For more information, check out the FactoryTalk View ME Category Page.

— Ricky Bryce

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2 thoughts on “FactoryTalk Audit Trail Error

  • Jory

    This only applies if you’re using V9 or lower. If you’re using V10 or higher, there are no adverse affects and you can click “OK” on the message. According to the knowledgebase, there are no issues as a result.