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ControlLogix BTDT Instruction

Introduction to the ControlLogix BTDT Instruction The ControlLogix BTDT Instruction is a type of Bit Field Distributor. This is an acronym for “Bit Field Distributor with Target”. We use this type of instruction in Function Block Programming. If you use ladder logic programming, check out the post on the BTD Read More »


ControlLogix Sump Pump Controller

Introduction to ControlLogix Sump Pump Controller In this case, I’ve built a discrete ControlLogix Sump Pump Controller. In other words, there is no level sensor. Simply put, there is a float switch which controls the sump pump. If you have the ability to detect a sump level, then this post Read More »

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PhotoResistor with LM393 Comparator

Introduction to PhotoResistor with LM393 Comparator We’re going to set up a PhotoResistor with LM393 Comparator circuit in this post. This would be a typical use for a comparator such as the LM393. Basically, almost anytime we need a discrete (on/off) condition that we base on a variable voltage, we Read More »