Hire the Best Technicians

How to Hire the Best Technicians

When determining how to Hire the Best Technicians, there are many factors to consider. Knowledge is just one of those factors. I’ve been training technicians for over 20 years. Of course I’m not an expert on this subject of hiring. Therefore, these are just my opinions on what qualities I’ve seen in the best technicians. I will hit on some topics that others are afraid to speak out on.


Experience is one of the factors that make a good technician. Those who have a lot of experience will know how to solve problems. Without experience, even the simplest problems can turn into a big ordeal. From time to time, there will still be issues that no one has seen before. Without experience, however, day to day issues can slow down production, increase downtime, and delay projects from completion. An experienced technician will not know everything. No one does. However, they will know enough to find the right resources to solve problems. A big key in success is knowing how to use your resources.


Enthusiasm is very important for any line of work. To begin with, the true technician shows that he is interested in his work. This will usually show up in any hobbies or extra activities. For example, they might enjoy working on vehicles. Additionally, they might enjoy building computers, or electronic projects. This shows that they are interested in what they do. Furthermore, it shows that they do not give up. These are hobbies where they are likely to encounter some type of problem with every project. If they gave up on finding solutions, then they would choose different hobbies that are less frustrating. The worst technicians just throw their hands up in the air, and say, “I’m done” when they can’t figure out a problem. It’s much better to have someone on your side that looks at a problem as a challenge. They will follow the problem through to a solution.


There are different forms of pride. First, there is work pride. Second is self-pride. It’s a good thing to have an employee that is proud of their work. They will take criticism constructively, and strive to improve what they do. They will always be learning, and improving. Over time, they become better workers. On the other hand, there are those with self pride. They make excuses for mistakes, and always insist their way is better. They are too proud to take instruction, and create an abrasive environment in the work place. Since they think they already know everything, they do not learn more about their work, and do not improve. In fact, they learn how to make excuses to get by with more slack work.

You can usually pick up on this attitude during the interview process. Do they spend time over-selling themselves, or do they humbly ask questions to learn what is expected from them? A good attitude benefits everyone. In contrast, a bad attitude is infectious, and could destroy everyone’s attitude.



Knowledge is important, but college is not the only way to get an education. Furthermore, technology is changing, and colleges are not always up to date. There are also technical schools, as well as military training, which might provide for a better education. Many times, I see companies require a Bachelor’s degree to consider an applicant. This is inefficient, and does not guarantee the best applicants. Keep in mind that some colleges tend to “coddle” students. This does not prepare students for real world challenges. Additionally, I’ve heard of some colleges that encourage instructors to grade more leniently. The purpose of this is to falsely boost the appearance of the school’s performance. Education might be a factor in hiring applicants, but it’s important to consider all forms of education. This includes military training, trade schools, real world experience, and especially self-instruction. Those who have thoroughly taught themselves, tend to have a lot more knowledge. The reason for this is that the knowledge was not handed to them. They had to overcome every obstacle along the way leading to a much better understanding of how things work. They have indeed proven self-discipline.


I’ve had students in class who’ve had degrees in industrial automation. I’ve also had students in class who did not even complete high school, but learned everything on their own. If they are enthusiastic, both can equally absorb knowledge and do a great job. In fact, there are times when the person without a formal education will outperform those who do. On the other hand, I’ve had students with degrees who can’t do much of anything on their own, and rely strictly on documentation to perform any procedure. They simply follow steps without truly understanding why they are performing each step. Don’t get me wrong… a formal education is great if it’s taught right. It’s just no guarantee that they make a better technician than those who learned on their own. This is especially true with the politics of today’s universities

Work History

You will be investing a lot in your employees. It’s important that they want to stay with your company. Investments include training, physical examinations, benefits, and administrative work during the hiring process. You might want to take into consideration the work history of an applicant. You cannot guarantee the time that they will stay with your company. However, if they have a history of changing jobs every six months, you might have some more questions to ask. Just be aware of all the laws in your state. You might have a limit on the type of questions you can ask.

Summary — How to Hire the Best Technicians

In short, the best technicians are those who have experience, and are enthusiastic about their work. When they understand how industrial equipment works, you can always fill in the gaps with training. You will want employees who love their work. When they love their work, and strive for perfection, both you and the employee will be happy.

Be on the lookout for signs of the anti-Christian, and anti-business movement that is common in universities today. While they certainly have the right to believe what they want, those tainted with this indoctrination can create a lazy, toxic work environment for everyone. This can destroy morale among all of your employees, and drastically inhibit the amount of work that gets done. You want employees who work hard, have good work ethic, and expect promotions based on merit.

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— Ricky Bryce

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