ControlLogix Troubleshooting

ControlLogix Rung True but No Output

Solving when a ControlLogix Rung is True but No Output It’s frustrating when a ControlLogix Rung True but you have No Output. In this section we’ll go over the causes for this, and how to correct them. It’s important that the processor is just doing what it’s told. We just Read More »

ControlLogix Rung True but No Output

Troubleshooting a ControlLogix Output 2

Introduction to Troubleshooting a ControlLogix Output The most common problems on a system using ControlLogix are usually field devices.   Occasionally an I/O module can fail.  Most of the time, however we are using RSLogix/Studio 5000 to find a failed field device.  In this document, we will be troubleshooting a ControlLogix Read More »

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