ESP32/8266 With MQTT

Introduction to ESP32/8266 With MQTT (Mosquitto) In this post we’ll use the ESP32/8266 With MQTT (Mosquitto). Furthermore, I’ll use the library EspMQTTClient.h with the SimpleMQTTClient example. MQTT is short for Message Queuing and Telemetry Transport. Basically, we just publish data to a broker that other clients connect to. Likewise, we Read More »

mqtt client

Arduino Temperature to ControlLogix

Introduction to sending Arduino Temperature to ControlLogix. In this section, we’ll send an Arduino Temperature to ControlLogix. Instead of an Arduino, you could also use the ESP8266. We’ll use the DHT22 sensor. Basically, we’ll just send this data over the serial port. Obviously, we need to also configure the ControlLogix Read More »

Arduino Temperature to ControlLogix