ControlLogix Message Speed

Introduction to ControlLogix Message Speed In this post, I’ll perform an experiment to test the ControlLogix Message speed. I’ve set up two processors as shown below. Basically, I’ll create a time stamp when I initiate a message instruction. Another FlexLogix processor will receive this message, and immediate send a message Read More »


Serial Server over Ethernet

Introduction to Serial Server over Ethernet There are many applications in which you need a Serial Server over Ethernet solution. You might have a serial device out on the plant floor, that you need to access remotely. One solution to this problem is a Serial over Ethernet server. Basically, you Read More »

Serial Server

Ethernet Commuication 2

Introduction to Ethernet Communication Ethernet is probably the most common communication protocol used in Industrial Automation.    Ethernet communication has been a standard since around 1983, and allows computers to connect to each other over a local area network.  When computers are connected to a network, they can share files, Read More »

Ethernet Module