ControlLogix Message to PLC-2

Introduction — ControlLogix Message to PLC-2 Processor In this section, we’ll cover how to send a ControlLogix Message to the PLC-2. The PLC-2 is now old, and obsolete. However, there are still quite a few systems that exist, and we need to get data from them. In this case, we’ll Read More »

PLC2 Message

ControlLogix Message Speed

Introduction to ControlLogix Message Speed In this post, I’ll perform an experiment to test the ControlLogix Message speed. I’ve set up two processors as shown below. Basically, I’ll create a time stamp when I initiate a message instruction. Another FlexLogix processor will receive this message, and immediate send a message Read More »


SLC-500 Messaging

Introduction to SLC-500 Messaging With SLC-500 Messaging, we will transfer the contents of a data file from one processor to another. There are many reasons this might be necessary. For example, if one section of a conveyor shuts down, we might want to tell the upstream conveyor to shut down Read More »