PLC-5 Timers

Introduction to PLC-5 Timers There are three types of PLC-5 Timers that we will cover in this section: TON, TOF, and RTO. Generally, the TON (Timer On Delay) instruction delays the DN (Done) bit from going true. On the other hand, the TOF (Off Delay Timer) delays the DN bit Read More »

PLC-5 Timers

Timers in the SLC-500

Introduction to timers in the SLC-500 Processor. Timers in the SLC-500 processor are very similar to timers in other AB Processors. There are 3 types of timers: On Delay (TON), Off Delay (TOF) and the Retentive Timer (RTO). The On Delay Timer (TON) delays the Done bit (DN) from turning Read More »

RTO Timer

SLC 500 Retentive Timer

Introduction to the SLC 500 Retentive Timer The SLC 500 Retentive timer (RTO) keeps total track of time. Initially, when the rung goes true, the accumulated value begins to increase. When the rung goes false, the accumulated value stops increasing. The next time the timer goes true, the accumulated value Read More »

Retentive Timer Logic

ControlLogix Timers 2

Introduction to ControlLogix Timers ControlLogix timers are used to delay events, or to time events.    There are three timers in the ControlLogix processor.  The TON (Timer On Delay) delays an event from turning on.   Next, the TOF (Timer Off Delay) Delays an event from shutting off.  Then we Read More »

TOF Timeout