FactoryTalk View Training

Introduction to FactoryTalk View Training The FactoryTalk View Training course will take about 4 days to complete. The training includes communication to the processor, and display screen objects. Additionally, we will discuss trending, parameters, and data logs. Alarms are also covered as part of this course. By the end of Read More »


FactoryTalk View SE Trends and Data Log

Introduction to FactoryTalk View SE Trends and Data Log With FactoryTalk View SE Trends and Data Log, we will log background data, and plot that data onto a trend chart. Without the data log, the trend chart will only show live data at the time the trend was started. Basically, Read More »

Trend Chart

Data Log in FactoryTalk View ME 6

Introduction to the Data Log in FactoryTalk View ME. In this section, we’ll set up a Data Log in FactoryTalk View ME. Whenever you set up a trend chart, usually, you want a data log model to go along with it. When you set up a trend without a data Read More »


SLC-500 Trending

Introduction to SLC-500 Trending There are several reasons you would set up SLC-500 Trending. With Trending, you will generally track analog signals over time. Although you can also track discrete (on/of) signals, a Histogram is usually better suited for that. Although you can track any signal, I’m just going to Read More »

SLC Trend

ControlLogix Trending 5

Introduction to ControlLogix Trending ControlLogix Trending will track values over time.   Most commonly, you will use trending on analog values, but it can be used to track digital (discrete on/off) signals as well.  Think of trending as a “software chart recorder”. In this example, we will use trending to Read More »

Pressure failure