ControlLogix Permanent Daylight Saving

Introduction to ControlLogix Permanent Daylight Saving Time Congress is currently passing a recommendation that the US maintain daylight saving time. This means that at some point, you will no longer need to go back to standard time if you choose to follow this recommendation. The plan is to pass a Read More »

Daylight Saving in ControlLogix

ControlLogix GSV Command (WallClockTime) 11

Intdoduction to ControlLogix GSV Command (WallClockTime) In this post, we will discuss the ControlLogix GSV Command (WallClockTime).  Earlier processors, such as the SLC-500 and PLC-5 had a data file dedicated to system status (S2).   In the S2 file, you could find the data table addresses of system information such as the Read More »

Set Date Time