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Introduction to FactoryTalk View Numeric Input

In this section, we will discuss the FactoryTalk View Numeric Entry (cursor point) object.    The purpose of the numeric input is to allow the operator to enter values into the processor.   This could be the speed set-point of a  drive, a temperature set-point, or the preset of a timer or counter.

The Numeric input will write to a numeric data type in the processor’s memory such as a DINT or an INT.

In this example, we will add a numeric input cursor point object to our display screen that allows the operator to change a speed set-point.   Let’s look at the tag in our controller tag database.

Speed Setpoint tag

Right now, this tag has the value of 0.   If this works properly, the operator should be able to change this value from our display screen.

Add the object

First, let’s add the Numerc Input Cursor Point object onto our screen.    To do this, click Objects | Numeric and String | Numeric Input Cursor Point.

Select Numeric Input

Now, we’ll draw this object onto our screen, and the properties window will appear.

Go to the connections tab, and press the Ellipsis (…) to choose the tag that we will be writing to in the value field.

Numeric Connections

Be sure to refresh all folders before selecting the tag to ensure the latest tags are appearing for selection.

Refresh Folders


In the Online folder, select the SpeedSetpoint Tag.

Select Speed Setpoint

Press OK.

There are a lot of other options for the Numeric Input cursor point object.   To understand what the other options are used for, you can click “Help”.   In this example, we will just keep things simple, so press “Apply”, then “OK”.

Be sure to add a text object to label the purpose of this numeric input object.

Final Speed Setpoint

Now, test the display.

Test Display

When you click the object, a keypad should appear.    Enter a new setpoint, then press the enter key.


Now, let’s verify our work by going to the Controller tag database in Studio 5000.

Controller Tag Speed Setpoint


We can see the value is updating perfectly!!!!


— Ricky Bryce


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