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ControlLogix CASE / OF Statement

Introduction to ControlLogix CASE / OF Statement The ControlLogix CASE / OF Statement allows a specific block of code to execute. The block of code that executes depends on the value of a tag. This can also be an expression that returns a value. You can use this statement in Read More »

case of

ControlLogix IF / THEN Statement

Introduction to ControlLogix IF / THEN Statement The most common instruction is the ControlLogix IF / THEN Statement. This is for Structured Text routines. Structured Text is an easy way to program complex algorithms. Additionaly, some vendors prefer to use all structured text routines. One of the reasons to use Read More »

if then

Reducing Cost in Industry

Introduction to Reducing Cost in Industry In this section, we’ll explore some ideas for Reducing Cost in Industry. High costs are frustrating. Especially when inflation is at such a high rate. Extra costs reduce profit. They also slow down the ability for you to upgrade and grow your production. This Read More »

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Independent PID with ControlLogix

Introduction to Independent PID with ControlLogix In this section we’ll set up an Introduction to Independent PID with ControlLogix. Realize the equation is different than the dependent mode. For detailed information on the PID instruction, visit the ControlLogix Instruction Set Reference Manual. The PID instruction is in chapter 13. With Read More »


Tuning a PID for Tank Level

Introduction to Tuning a PID for Tank Level Tuning a PID for Tank Level has some challenges that are different than a standard PID tuning procedure. In the first place, a tank level is not self regulating. It’s an integrating process. In other words, if the system is slightly out Read More »

Tank Level