Function Blocks

ControlLogix Set Dominant (SETD)

Introduction to the ControlLogix Set Dominant (SETD) Instruction The ControlLogix Set Dominant (SETD) instruction is a type of latching instruction. Basically, when the SET bit goes true, the output is on. Likewise, when the RESET bit is true (with SET off), the output goes false. If both the SET and Read More »

ControlLogix SETD instruction

ControlLogix Level 2 Training

Introduction to ControlLogix Level 2 Training ControlLogix Level 2 Training is for those who have completed Level 1 (Maintenance and Troubleshooting). This includes troubleshooting data across PLC systems, Indirect Addressing, Function Blocks, and PID. You will also learn how to navigate Add-On instructions. ControlLogix Level 1 Review Typically, we’ll start Read More »


PlantPAx with Ladder Logic

Introduction to PlantPAx with Ladder Logic There might be several reasons you need to use PlantPAx with Ladder Logic. If your site does not have a license for function blocks, then you might want to use ladder logic. Additionally, some factories will simply prefer to use Ladder logic over function Read More »