ESP32/8266 With MQTT

Introduction to ESP32/8266 With MQTT (Mosquitto) In this post we’ll use the ESP32/8266 With MQTT (Mosquitto). Furthermore, I’ll use the library EspMQTTClient.h with the SimpleMQTTClient example. MQTT is short for Message Queuing and Telemetry Transport. Basically, we just publish data to a broker that other clients connect to. Likewise, we Read More »

mqtt client

Node-Red with Mosquitto

Introduction to Node-Red with Mosquitto At this time, I would like to explain how Node-Red with Mosquitto can enhance your ability to communicate between devices. For example: if you have an ESP32 or ESP8266, you can publish data to a Mosquitto “broker” and another device can receive that data. In Read More »

Mosquitto Server Config