Power Supply

PLC-5 Power Supply

Introduction to the PLC-5 Power Supply The PLC-5 Power supply provides power to the PLC-5 chassis. There are several power supplies to choose from, however, in this post, we will concentrate on the 1771-P4S. Other power supplies include a redundant configuration (such as the 1771-P4R modules), and a 1771-P7, which […]


SLC 500 Power Supply

Introduction to the SLC 500 Power Supply The SLC 500 Power supply supplies power to the local chassis.  The power supply typically does not power inputs or outputs.     This is a switching power supply, so it will provide quite a bit of current for the size compared to the […]


Power Supply Failure

Alinco DM1350 Power Supply Failure I wanted to share my experience with you about a power supply failure, and how I found the problem.    My Alinco DM1350 is an older power supply, which was hit with lightning.   After the lightning strike, the power supply was no longer functional. After […]

Zener Problem