MAX232 for RS232 Communication

Introduction to the MAX232 for RS232 Communication In this section, we’ll set up a MAX232 for RS232 Communication. The MAX232 converts TTL, such as data from a microprocessor, to RS232. We power the MAX232 with 5V, then use charge pumps to increase the voltage for RS232. The charge pumps are Read More »


Communicating with Micrologix 1000

Introduction to Communicating with Micrologix 1000 While there are many methods for Communicating with Micrologix 1000, Here we will discuss the most common method. In this case, we will directly connect to the front port using DF1 (RS232) protocol. Other methods include communicating via NET-AIC, or going through a ControlLogix Read More »

Micrologix 1000

Serial Server over Ethernet

Introduction to Serial Server over Ethernet There are many applications in which you need a Serial Server over Ethernet solution. You might have a serial device out on the plant floor, that you need to access remotely. One solution to this problem is a Serial over Ethernet server. Basically, you Read More »

Serial Server