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Arduino PID Simulator

Introduction to Arduino PID Simulator This project is an Arduino PID Simulator. Basically, the Arduino will send a process variable to a PID controller. In this case, the signal is 0 to 5v. Additionally, the Arduino reads the control variable from the PID controller, and simulates a real world process. […]

PID Simulator

Button with Multi-State Indicator

Introduction to FactoryTalk View Button with Multi-state Indicator By using a Button with Multi-state Indicator, you will overcome the limitation of a button’s two states. Basically, we just make the button transparent with a multistate indicator behind it. This reflects multiple states. Each state will have different colors, and different […]

Button With Multistate Indicator

FactoryTalk Three State Button

Introduction to FactoryTalk Three State Button A FactoryTalk Three State Button allows you to write to a bit, then reflect three states. For example, we might write to a bit to start a pump. After that, the pump is starting, so we might changed from the “stopped” state to the […]


Modbus on ControlLogix Serial Port

Modbus on ControlLogix Serial Port An inexpensive way to run Modbus on ControlLogix Serial Port is with an RS232-RS485 Adapter. In short, download Rockwell’s sample code. Apply power to the adapter, and you will be up and running on Modbus! In this case, I’m using cheap Temperature and humidity sensors […]