ControlLogix To Alexa

Introduction of ControlLogix To Alexa Today, we’ll discuss how to connect ControlLogix To Alexa. When a bit becomes true in the ControlLogix processor, we’ll have Alexa speak a specific phrase. Additionally, it’s possible to speak to Alexa to set a bit in the processor. However, for this post, we’ll just […]

Alexa Config

ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log

Introduction to ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log To set up the ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log, you must first install Node-Red. Node Red is a free, open source service that allows you to integrate connections from different types of automation devices. There are many documented procedures and youtube videos on this. Node Red is […]

Node Red Data Log

Can’t Download to Faulted Controller

Introduction: “Can’t Download to Faulted Controller” If you get the error “Can’t Download to Faulted Controller”, we need to clear the fault before downloading. First of all, be sure you want to download to the processor. When you download, the existing logic is replaced by the logic in your offline […]

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Clearing a Processor Fault

Introduction to Clearing a Processor Fault Clearing a processor fault is very easy, however, we need to first get a description of the fault. Basically, we know we have a recoverable processor fault on a ControlLogix when the OK Light is flashing red. On the other hand, a solid red […]


Studio 5000 (RSLogix) Training

Introduction to Studio 5000 (RSLogix) Training When looking for Studio 5000 (RSLogix) Training options, it’s important to find a company that will customize the course. You need a company who will adjust the course according to your training needs. At the same time, the instructor should have knowledge of the […]

Typical Classroom

ControlLogix Message Speed

Introduction to ControlLogix Message Speed In this post, I’ll perform an experiment to test the ControlLogix Message speed. I’ve set up two processors as shown below. Basically, I’ll create a time stamp when I initiate a message instruction. Another FlexLogix processor will receive this message, and immediate send a message […]


ControlLogix over the Internet

Introduction to ControlLogix over the Internet In this section, I’ll show you how easy it is to connect to a ControlLogix system over the Internet without proper security. Undoubtedly, using this procedure will cause a severe security threat. The purpose of this to show how easy a simple change in […]

ControFlash Plus

Introduction to ControlFlash Plus ControlFlash Plus is a firmware update tool. Basically the firmware is the operating system for a module. Each of your ControlLogix modules have firmware. Your controllogix project will usually require a minimum firmware revision for each module. With this in mind, when you replace a module, […]

PlantPAx 4 Digital Output

Introduction to the PlantPAx 4 Digital Output Instruction We use the PlantPAx 4 Digital Output instruction (P_DOut) to control outputs. The P_Dout instruction has several advantages over a standard output. To begin with, the P_Dout instruction allows you to add a standard object to an HMI display for the operator. […]

Getting Started with PlantPAx 4 2

Introduction to getting started with PlantPAx 4 When we are getting started with PlantPAx 4. we will need to import pieces of the PlantPAx library into our project. Generally, we’ll import the add-on instructions into the Studio 5000 project. Equally important, we will need to import certain components into the […]

PlantPAX GFX Imports