Node-Red Inject and Debug

Introduction to Node-Red Inject and Debug Node-Red Inject and Debug are two nodes that I use most often for testing and debugging a flow. On one hand, the Inject node allows you to send a message to another node. On the other hand, debug will show the payload coming out Read More »

inject and debug

ControlLogix To Alexa

Introduction of ControlLogix To Alexa Today, we’ll discuss how to connect ControlLogix To Alexa. When a bit becomes true in the ControlLogix processor, we’ll have Alexa speak a specific phrase. Additionally, it’s possible to speak to Alexa to set a bit in the processor. However, for this post, we’ll just Read More »

Alexa Config

Node-Red with Mosquitto

Introduction to Node-Red with Mosquitto At this time, I would like to explain how Node-Red with Mosquitto can enhance your ability to communicate between devices. For example: if you have an ESP32 or ESP8266, you can publish data to a Mosquitto “broker” and another device can receive that data. In Read More »

Mosquitto Server Config

ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log

Introduction to ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log To set up the ControlLogix/NodeRed Data Log, you must first install Node-Red. Node Red is a free, open source service that allows you to integrate connections from different types of automation devices. There are many documented procedures and youtube videos on this. Node Red is Read More »

Node Red Data Log

Node-Red with ControlLogix

Introduction to Node-Red with ControlLogix In this section, I’ll discuss setting up Node-Red with ControlLogix. Basically, we just need to install the Eth-IP node in Node-Red (for CIP). After that, we just configure the IP address of the Ethernet Module, the slot the processor is in, then declare the tags Read More »