Getting Started with Arduino

Introduction to Getting Started with Arduino When Getting Started with Arduino, there are a few basic components your will need. First, you need an Arduino board. Good boards to start with include the Arduino Uno, Arduino nano, or Arduino Mega. In this case, we’ll simply use an Arduino UNO, which Read More »


Arduino Button Input Example

Introduction to the Arduino Button Input Example In this section, we’ll discuss the Arduino Button Input Example that comes with the Arduino IDE. Basically, we’ll connect a button to pin 2, and simply have this button energize a light. Presently, you will find this example under File | Examples | Read More »

Arduino button

Arduino Analog Output

Introduction to the Arduino Analog Output In this section, we’ll set up an Arduino Analog Output. Analog signals are variable. In contrast, digital (discrete) signals are on or off. On the UNO, pins 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 support Analog Output. I’ve set this example up on TinkerCad. Read More »

Arduino Analog Output 75%

Arduino Analog Input

Introduction to Arduino Analog Input In this post, we’ll walk through the example for the Arduino Analog Input. You will find this example under File | Examples | Analog. In this case, I’ll be using the Arduino UNO for this simulation. However, the example will work with many of the Read More »

Arduino Analog

Arduino Temperature to ControlLogix

Introduction to sending Arduino Temperature to ControlLogix. In this section, we’ll send an Arduino Temperature to ControlLogix. Instead of an Arduino, you could also use the ESP8266. We’ll use the DHT22 sensor. Basically, we’ll just send this data over the serial port. Obviously, we need to also configure the ControlLogix Read More »

Arduino Temperature to ControlLogix

Photo Resistor (LDR)

Introduction to the Photo Resistor (LDR) A photo resistor (LDR) will change it’s resistance based on the lighting we apply to this component.   Also known as a Light Dependent Resistor,  we use them in our every day life.   We use photo resistors to energize night lights in our house.  Furthermore, Read More »

Arduino Vape Box Mod (With WiFI) 1

Introduction to Arduino Vape Box Mod In this document, I will explain how I built my own arduino vape box mod.  This box will be based on PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).   Be aware that the purpose of the document is just to explain how I built my own box.   Read More »

Vape Mod