PlantPAx with Ladder Logic

Introduction to PlantPAx with Ladder Logic There might be several reasons you need to use PlantPAx with Ladder Logic. If your site does not have a license for function blocks, then you might want to use ladder logic. Additionally, some factories will simply prefer to use Ladder logic over function […]


PlantPAx 4 PID

Introduction to PlantPAx 4 PID We typically use the PlantPAx 4 PID (P_PIDE) in closed loop controls. For example, we have a heating process. This heating process provides a control value (CV) to the heat bands. We monitor the process variable (PV) to see what effect our output has. Our […]

FactoryTalk View SE Alarms

Introduction to FactoryTalk View SE Alarms FactoryTalk View SE alarms will be able to log alarm information and notify the operator when an abnormal condition occurs. For example, an abnormal condition would be a high or low level warming. Another example would be a simple bit that goes high, or […]

PlantPAx 4 Analog Outputs

Introduction to PlantPAx 4 Analog Outputs With PlantPAx 4 Analog Outputs, you will scale analog information back to raw data to send to an Analog Output module. For example, we have a valve which requires 4-20ma, however the operator interface is set up for percentage. In this case, we might […]

PlantPAx 4 Analog Inputs

Introduction to PlantPAx 4 Analog Inputs In this section, we’ll discuss PlantPAx 4 Analog Inputs. There are three instructions that we will set up. The first instruction will be the channel (P_AIChan). Secondly, we’ll discuss the Analog Input (P_AIn) instruction. Optionally, you can to import the Module Status (L_ModuleSts) to […]


PlantPAx 4 Control Valve

Introduction to PlantPAx 4 Control Valve The PlantPAx 4 control valve object allows us to control the position of a valve, and monitor it’s status. Obviously, we need to send the valve a command, and read the process variable to be sure it is in position. In detail, we’ll walk […]

PlantPAx 4 Motor Operated Valve

Introduction to PlantPAx 4 Motor Operated Valve The PlantPAx 4 Motor Operated Valve instructions allows us to open or close a valve. Additionally, it provides some diagnostic information about the valve. That is, we will get an alarm if the valve fails to open or shut. Even if we get […]

PlantPAx 4 Motors

Introduction to PlantPAx 4 Motors The standard process library contains PlantPAx 4 Motors. These motor objects allow us to control and monitor the feedback of all motors in our process. We might also need to add interlocks and permissives in our logic. Another key point is that the HMI will […]


PlantPAx 4 Permissives 2

Introduction to PlantPAx 4 Permissives In general, a permissive is a condition which must be met before something else happens, such as turning on an output. An example of a permissive would be a pump that can only start if there is no pressure on a line. In this case, […]

PlantPAx 4 Interlocks 3

Introduction to PlantPAx 4 Interlocks With PlantPAx 4 Interlocks, if any condition changes on our equipment, we might shut off an output. For example, if a lube pump shuts off, you might shut off an output for a motor. We might also interlock valves, so we cannot energize the open […]