PLC-5 Data Files

Introduction to PLC-5 Data Files PLC-5 Data Files store data. On the other hand, PLC-5 Program Files will manipulate data. In this section, we’ll discuss each type of default data file. At the same time, we’ll talk about various instructions that utilize each data file. It’s important to realize that Read More »

PLC5 Data Files

PLC-5 Latch Vs Seal

PLC-5 Latch Vs Seal There are a few differences in the PLC-5 Latch Vs Seal. In this section, I’ll explain the operating of each type, and some dangers associated with both methods. Always be very careful when making any changes to the PLC program. Undoubtedly, you will want to get Read More »

Latch vs seal

PLC-5 Counters

Introduction to PLC-5 Counters PLC-5 Counters count rung transitions. More specifically, the counters count the false to true transition. In the PLC-5, there are two types of counters: The Up Counter (CTU), and the Down Counter (CTD). While you won’t always see a CTD, it’s almost always associated with a Read More »


PLC-5 Timers

Introduction to PLC-5 Timers There are three types of PLC-5 Timers that we will cover in this section: TON, TOF, and RTO. Generally, the TON (Timer On Delay) instruction delays the DN (Done) bit from going true. On the other hand, the TOF (Off Delay Timer) delays the DN bit Read More »

PLC-5 Timers

PLC-5 Addressing

Introduction to PLC-5 Addressing PLC-5 Addressing is based on a 1970’s I/O Structure. To begin with, all of the I/O is in the OCTAL numbering system. In other words, there are no 8’s or 9’s anywhere in the PLC-5 I/O. To emphasize, timer files, as well as other types of Read More »

PLC-5 Chassis

Rockwell Icom AI5 Software

Introduction to Rockwell Icom AI5 Software We used Rockwell Icom AI5 Software to program and troubleshoot the PLC-5 processor before RSLogix 5 came along. As a nostalgic post, I wanted to go back and review this legacy software. Those proficient with AI software claim they could navigate the software much Read More »

AI Software

PLC-5 Day of Week Counter

Introduction to the PLC-5 Day of Week Counter A PLC-5 Day of week counter is an easy way to find the day of the week for certain events in automation. For example: You want to test an alarm every Monday at 10am. There are complex algorithms that will calculate the Read More »

PLC-5 Block Transfers

Introduction to PLC-5 Block Transfers One of the most difficult concepts for most people to grasp is the PLC-5 Block Transfers. Think of Block Transfers as simply a copy instruction. You are copying data from a module to somewhere else in the memory of the processor. The Block Transfer Read Read More »

Block Transfer Instructions

1785-KE Module

Introduction to the 1785-KE Module The 1785-KE module allows you to easily interface with a Data Highway Plus (DH+) Network. Although there are other ways to interface with DH+, I have found this method to be the most cost effective. For example: The 1784-U2DHP module could cost over $2000. You Read More »

KE Module in chassis

PLC-5 Enhanced Processor

Introduction to the PLC-5 Enhanced Processor The PLC-5 Enhanced processor controls automation equipment. Program and troubleshoot the processor using RSLogix 5 software. You can also use older software which is DOS based, such as 6200, AI, or Taylor software. Basically, the processor reads data from inputs such as switches. This Read More »

PLC-5 Enhanced Processor